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How Does The Greenhouse Heater Work?

  • 2019-09-23 12:07
How should a greenhouse heater work? We together look.
The greenhouse heaters are low cost (currently 2 cents per kWh) at night (2 pm to 7 pm), and electrical and thermal energy conversion and storage is completed in 6 hours to 8 hours. During the peak hours of the grid, the stored heat is released by radiation and convection to achieve indoor heating for 34 hours in one day. In other words, using only 6-8 hours of electricity per day, you can heat up 24 hours a day to save on heating costs.
The working principle of the greenhouse heater is to heat and heat the high temperature electric heating element, to heat the special heat storage material - high specific heat capacity, high specific gravity magnetic recycled brick, high temperature resistant heat resistant material and low thermal conductivity. The stored heat is stored, the release rate is adjusted according to the needs of the greenhouse heater, and the stored heat is slowly released. The stored heat can be adjusted according to the temperature of the outdoor temperature. Steel spray sleeves protect and beautify the entire equipment.
Metal tube heating element for greenhouse heater
The appearance of this product is the same as that of the above-mentioned greenhouse heater. The metal tube is heated and the reflective surface is used to diffuse thermal energy into the room. It has a drop-proof switch, automatically shakes the head, manually adjusts the tilt angle, the heating range is large, and the surface protection cover does not cause burns to the human body. The use of this design avoids the disadvantage that the heating wire of the heating wire heater is easily broken and the halogen tube in the halogen tube heater is easily worn, but like the heating wire heater, the disadvantage is high temperature. It drops rapidly after shutting down and must continue to run. The power is about 800~1000W.
Halogen tube heating element for greenhouse heater
The halogen tube is a sealed type of illumination heating tube filled with a halogen inert gas. There are two kinds of tungsten wires in the middle, white and black. (Because the cost of white tungsten wire is much higher than the cost of black tungsten wire, it is not popular in the market.
Advantages of quartz tube and halogen tube greenhouse heater
The advantage of a greenhouse heater is that it uses heat radiation to dissipate heat, with strong penetration and good thermal orientation. The utility model has the advantages of small volume, fast heat generation, uniform heat dissipation, waterproof and explosion-proof, convenient maintenance and convenient movement. The disadvantage is that due to radiant heating, the heat transfer distance is relatively close; the heating wire is more easily deformed, and the quartz tube is easily broken. The light is glaring and the heat is too strong.
The advantage of a greenhouse heater is that it has a long service life and is a close-range heating device. The effective heating distance is about 2 meters, more than 3 meters, and the heat is greatly reduced. Many halogen tube heaters also have timing, rotation and humidification capabilities. The disadvantage is that the temperature is high, it is not suitable for long-time shooting, the tube type is partially heated, and the unlit area is still cold. Not suitable for the elderly, infants and young children can not take care of themselves, not suitable for sleeping and heating.

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