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Note On The Use Of Industrial Air Coolers

  • 2019-10-23 13:15
As an emerging cooling device, industrial chillers have become the choice of many enterprises. However, if industrial chillers are not used in use, there will still be some minor problems, and this will also affect the work. Therefore, industrial chillers should be used in daily use. what should I be careful of? The following small series share a few points of attention with you.
1. Single cooling fan is suitable for cooling in 70-100 square meters room. If this value is exceeded, the effect may not be ideal, and the machine may be overworked and problems may occur.
2. Before using the air cooler, check whether there are any paper dust and dust in the wet curtain and the pool. It should be cleaned 1-2 times during the annual use period. The water added to the pool should be tap water or other clean water.
3, the fan is the heart of the air cooler, if the fault occurs, the power should be cut off immediately, and the electrician should be repaired in time. Pay attention to the grounding wire when installing, be careful when disassembling the impeller, so as not to make the blade deform and collide with the box.
4. If the control of the air blower of the air cooler fails, it should be adjusted or replaced in time when it is found that there is water shortage or overflow dripping in the pool.
5. If the wet curtain water supply is found to be insufficient or uneven, check whether there is water shortage in the water tank, whether the water pump is running, and whether the water supply pipe and the water pump inlet are blocked by the small holes on the spray pipe, and check whether the water spray pipe is blocked. Located in the middle of the wet curtain. The normal water spray height cannot be ignored. If the water level is too low, it is easy to burn the machine.
6. When the air conditioner is being repaired, the power should be turned off. It is a period of time after the power is turned off. Because it will generate static electricity for a long time, the static electricity will not disappear after the power is turned off. Therefore, it is safe to be repaired.
The above six points are the precautions for the daily use of industrial cooling fans. Pay attention to these points so that the work can be carried out smoothly.
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