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Several large Equipment For Breeding Hot Air Fans Themselves

  • 2019-09-24 10:03
The details of several equipments for breeding hot air blowers are here, let's take a look.
temperature regulator
The thermostat on the breeding hot air blower is mainly induction temperature control. The principle is that the ambient temperature will vary depending on your set temperature. When the ambient temperature reaches the set temperature, the thermostat automatically turns off the heating device. When the ambient temperature is lower than the set temperature, the thermostat automatically turns on the heater switch.
Overheat protection device
The cultured hot air blower is equipped with integrated thermal protection to ensure high safety. When the temperature is overheated, the circuit will be cut off and the heater will automatically restart when the temperature drops to a safe temperature.
Hot start device
The warm starter is integrated into the breeding hot air blower. When starting the heater, first warm up the electric heating tube, then start the fan to ensure that hot air is blown out. this is normal phenomenon. When the heating is stopped, if the gear switch is placed in the fan gear, the fan will continue to operate until the heat in the air duct is exhausted. If the machine is powered off when the machine overheats, the machine will blow the natural wind without cutting off the power. In a few minutes, this is the automatic cooling of the machine, which is normal.
Before preparing, the machine should be idle for a period of time to clean the inside of the machine. It is best to use a high pressure air gun to clean the dust on the internal components. Store the machine in a dry place to avoid damaging the power cord and other components the next time you use it.
Reasonable application of breeding hot air blower in modern industry and commerce
The main purpose of aquaculture hot air blowers is to heat industrial or commercial sites, dry some products or meet process requirements. The heater plant is a specialist manufacturer of primary heaters and radiators, so it has some insight and understanding of shop heaters and industrial heaters.
Before using the heater and air curtain, connect the power supply according to the voltage of the finished model. Use the key to open and close the air curtain and provide up and down speed. Easy to work, can be selected as needed. The air curtain outlet is adjustable, and the angle can be adjusted as needed to change the wind direction.
The heater and air curtain should be cleaned on the surface during maintenance and the body should be partially cleaned. When cleaning, use a hard fabric and detergent to clean. Do not use inclined detergent. The level of purification in the machine can be checked through the windscreen. If cleaning is required, the upper grille can be removed and the dust inside the machine can be removed. After 2000 hours of air curtain, smooth grease should be applied to each bearing. The company has a maintenance service department. Serve users at any time.
The size and distance of the selected model are based on the length and distance of the air curtain (air curtain) and the diameter of the impeller. The width of the door is slightly shorter than the length of the fuselage. It can be used on two or two. Used in combination.

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