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The Difference Between Domestic Air Coolers And Industrial Air Coolers

  • 2019-10-25 09:30
Household air coolers can use water curtains when the weather is not too hot, so that the air can be filtered through the water curtain to blow out the relatively clean wind. This is mainly due to the air conditioner fan, which is much better than the electric fan we usually use. But if it is a hot summer, you add ice crystals to the inner pool. The wind blown out will be about 5-10 degrees lower than the room temperature. It is similar to the air conditioner, so it is also called the air conditioner fan. Ice crystals are finished products that are placed in the freezer of the refrigerator before use to freeze the liquid inside. After freezing, the ice crystals can release the cooling capacity in the air conditioning fan. Generally, it takes two to four ice crystals, and the ice crystals that have melted inside are again placed in the refrigerator for freezing, so that they are used in turn. But in the southern family, if it is not too hot, it is best not to use it, because it is liquid to solid, and from solid to liquid, it will also strengthen the moisture!

Industrial chillers are suitable for use in the factory, both external and mobile. Some people say that industrial cooling fans are easy to use: household cooling fans can not ventilate only indoor air, so that the indoor air is humid and humid; and industrial cooling fans can introduce external fresh air to get away from the indoor hot air.
The working principle of the air cooler is: a thin water film on the surface of the corrugated wet film. When the outdoor dry hot fresh air is sucked through the wet film by the opposite fan, the heat in the air is absorbed by the water on the wet film. Evaporate the water into the room to form a cool, moist air that gives a fresh feeling
Therefore, it can only be said that whether it is domestic or industrial, it has its own advantages and disadvantages, see how you choose!

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