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What Are the Main Advantages of Mobile Cooling Fans?

  • 2019-10-05 00:39
The water-cooled fan, also known as the evaporative cooling ventilator, is a high-tech product designed by Australian air-conditioning experts for many years. It adopts high-efficiency "direct evaporative" refrigeration technology. The principle is based on the absorption of thermal energy by water during evaporation, that is, the sensible heat of the air is absorbed under the condition of constant enthalpy, so that the air temperature (dry bulb temperature) is lowered. . The working process is: when the fresh air passes through the core component of the water-cooling fan-interlaced air heat exchanger, the water whose temperature is equal to the temperature of the air wet bulb is in direct contact with the fresh air, generating heat exchange and filtering out the dust in the air. The air is cooled by the isothermal change and the temperature eventually drops to near the wet bulb temperature.
In the dry and hot environment in summer, the dry/wet bulb temperature is quite different, and the cooling effect is relatively good. The outdoor fresh air is filtered by the water-cooling fan and cooled down, and then continuously sent into the room, and the turbid air with high odor, dust and high temperature is discharged outside the room. After such continuous circulation, the indoor temperature is reduced, and the air contains Both oxygen and mass are relatively stable. Therefore, the water-cooled fan can achieve the dual effects of cooling and ventilation, while creating a fresh and comfortable environment.
Because of the following advantages of its products, it is more and more recognized by people and used.
1. Low investment and high efficiency: Compared with water-cooled fans installed in the same area, water-cooled fans are 1/2 of the total investment in air-conditioning.
2. Less power consumption, only one degree of electricity per hour: Compared with water-cooled fans installed in the same area, the power consumption is only about 1/9 of that of conventional air conditioners.
3, the cooling effect is particularly strong: in the southern region, the water cooling fan unit can generally achieve a cooling effect of 5 ~ 10 ° C, in the hot and dry area unit cooling can reach 5 ~ 15 ° C, and rapid cooling.
4, good air quality: water-cooled fan set ventilation, ventilation, purification, odor, cooling in one, increase air oxygen content, improve work efficiency. The new wind positive pressure operation filters out dust below 80% micron in the air to remove harmful gases and effectively prevent "air conditioning disease".
5. Adjust humidity: Adjust the humidity in the workplace where humidity is needed.
6. Convenient installation and maintenance: The water-cooled fan can be installed along the facade of the external wall. It is beautifully installed, does not occupy indoor space, requires no professional maintenance, and saves maintenance costs.
7. Wide range of use: It is widely used in crowded places, production places with heat-generating equipment or high-temperature heat sources, places with polluting gas, strong odor or dust, and places with high air quality requirements.
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