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Which Industrial Heater Is More Suitable For You?

  • 2019-09-20 15:02
    As the weather turns colder, heating has become a problem for many companies. Especially in today's winter smog, the country is gradually eliminating coal heating, and industrial heaters have become a new choice for many companies. But what kind of heater is suitable for you, fuel heating or electric heating? I am afraid that many users do not understand this issue. Today, Xiaobian will give you an answer.
1, the difference between the two:
1 The heat source of the two is different: the fuel heater uses antifreeze light diesel oil or kerosene to generate heat through fuel combustion; the electric heater converts electrical energy into heat.
2 The outlet air temperature is different: the temperature of the air outlet of the fuel heater is about 200-300 degrees; the temperature of the outlet of the electric heater is about 50-60 degrees. Therefore, the fuel heater can quickly heat a large area of ​​space; and the heating of the electric heater is relatively slow for the heat circulation of the overall space flow.
3 When the fuel heater is used, it must maintain a certain ventilation of the space, otherwise oxygen deficiency will occur; the electric heater can completely close the space when it is used.
4 Fuel heaters, especially direct-fired type, are relatively noisy, mostly 60-70 decibels; electric heaters use about 40-50 decibels of noise, which is relatively quiet.
5 Different safety: The fuel heater will have a visible open flame when it is used. In addition to paying attention to the safety of electricity, it should also pay attention to the safety of fire and explosion. It needs special personnel to operate. The electric heater only needs to pay attention to the power supply. Safe use of electricity.
6 Different maintenance: Due to the cleanliness of fuel, the phenomenon of grease clogging the injector often occurs when using the fuel heater in China, and the oil cup and the fuel filter need to be cleaned and replaced frequently; the electric heater has no wearing parts.
2. Applicable places
Fuel heaters are suitable for a wide range of applications or where rapid heating is required, such as large workshops, vegetable and fruit greenhouses, insulation of farms, and engineering maintenance at construction sites.
Electric heating heaters are used under 100 square meters, heating in relatively confined spaces, or where high environmental cleanliness and noise are required, as well as occasions for personnel heating, such as laboratories, food factories, pharmaceutical factories, and studios. , outdoor staff, etc.

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