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Winter And Summer Electromechanical Fire Drill Exercise

  • 2019-09-16 10:08

In order to popularize fire safety common sense, improve employees' emergency protection and self-rescue and escape ability, strengthen fire awareness, and do a good job in fire safety in the factory area, our company held a "fire emergency drill activity." The whole activity included two scenarios of on-site simulation of fire evacuation first aid and initial fire extinguishing drills. The total time was 2 hours. More than 100 people from the workshop site operators and relevant department leaders participated in the exercise. Through this fire drill, a practical simulation training was provided for the emergency personnel, which made everyone familiar with the necessary emergency operations, further enhanced the staff's fire awareness and emergency escape and self-rescue ability, and provided valuable experience for the real emergency response. At the same time, it also masters the operation steps and methods of dry powder fire extinguisher, carbon dioxide fire extinguisher and fire hydrant.

In recent years, with the development of modern production, its scale has been expanding day by day, and major accidents have continued to occur. Fires, explosions, and poison leakage accidents have seriously threatened human safety and health. As the company attaches more importance to safety work, the emergency drill has attracted the attention of the company's leaders. The fire drills provided great support and help from the various stages of the drill planning, preliminary preparation, organization and implementation to the formal drills, which provided a strong guarantee for the successful drill of the “Fire Emergency Training Activities”.

According to the requirements of the emergency plan drill, starting from the actual situation of the company's safety work, it is determined that the main task of this fire drill is to carry out an emergency drill for a fire accident. Its main purpose is to verify the feasibility of the emergency plan and the degree of conformity with the actual situation; to find problems and deficiencies in the emergency plan, so as to improve in time; so that each participant can learn the correct use of fire extinguishers, master the basic methods of fire escape, improve Self-protection awareness, defusing risk self-rescue ability. In the early stage of the drill, after careful research, the "2018 Fire Emergency Training Program" was drafted. The company's Anhuan Office made full preparations for this fire drill. The time, place, content and objects of the exercise were all made in the plan. The specific arrangement.

The fire safety awareness of the participants has been enhanced, and the ability to respond to emergencies has been improved. On-site drillers can effectively organize and promptly respond to fire accidents and respond to the effective handling of emergencies in the future. A solid foundation.

Through the basic knowledge training of fire protection organized before the exercise, the fire safety knowledge, the emergency response capability of the participating personnel, and the escape skills after the accident have been improved.

During the exercise, the participants were able to abide by the discipline of “all obedience command” and the team cohesion was improved.

The organizational, command, and resilience of the Security Working Group have also been exercised.

For the problems that arise during the exercise, it is necessary to sum up the lessons learned in a timely manner, objectively evaluate the achievements and shortcomings, find out the measures to make up, and make a realistic assessment of the feasibility and operability of the plan. And improve the plan to provide reference for the next exercise to ensure the effectiveness of the emergency plan.

Through this fire drill, the employees' awareness of prevention and self-rescue have been further enhanced, and basic skills such as how to identify dangers and how to take necessary emergency measures have been understood and understood, so as to achieve rapid, orderly, timely and effective accidents. Emergency handling capacity.

In the future, we will carry out regular training or drill work to improve the emergency rescue skills and comprehensive response quality of our employees, effectively reduce accident hazards and ensure the safe, healthy and orderly development of the company.

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